What is PartnerLink?

PartnerLink is an online support tool to assist Group Leaders organize and manage your SaveAround fundraising program. PartnerLink allows you to manage contact information, find your Group’s online fundraising ID, view fundraising success and much, much more!

Why do I have access to PartnerLink?

Access to PartnerLink is exclusive to Group Leaders. Group Leaders are able to assign up to one other user account. Allow the same access and convenience to your group's treasurer, co-leader or next year's new group leader!

I am the Leader of multiple groups currently partnered with a SaveAround fundraising Program?

All your programs are linked thru the email you provided when you reserved your fundraiser with SaveAround and are available in your PartnerLink for easy access.

Can I view current balances and make a payment with PartnerLink?

Yes, PartnerLink displays current statements of account and balances for your fundraiser(s). Please contact your SaveAround Group Relations representative for adjustments and to provide updated Close Out totals!

My Contact, Shipping or Billing Information appears to be incorrect or out of Date?

Thank you for auditing our records. Please contact your SaveAround Group Relations Representative via PartnerLink’s “Contact Group Relations” button and we will update your account!

When does access to PartnerLink expire?

Access to PartnerLink begins once we are able to verify your delivery information with you. You will receive a welcome email with simple, easy steps to login. Access to PartnerLink will expire June 1st of each year so be sure to reserve your next fundraiser early!

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