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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does my group earn for online SupportOurGroups sales?

A: Your group will receive 40% (excluding shipping) for each book sold.

Q: How will orders through my unique SupportOurGroups link be fulfilled?

A: Once an order is placed SaveAround will process the order and ship directly to the customer.

Q: When will my orders display in the Chairperson Portal?

A: Orders will display once they are shipped to the customer.

Q: What is the difference between SupportOurGroups and the Chairperson Portal?

A: SupportOurGroups is our online fundraising platform where your customers can place orders. Chairperson Portal is the back-end system where you can customize your page, track sales, make payments, generate statements and more.

Q: What’s the difference between SAPayNow and SupportOurGroups?

A: SAPayNow is a tool for your group members to collect in-person credit card payments for orders that your group will deliver to the customer. SAPayNow is an easy way for your group members to purchase the book sent home with them. SupportOurGroups is the platform used to reach more supporters with your fundraiser. All SupportOurGroups orders are fulfilled by SaveAround and is perfect for selling to those people that your group members don’t often see.

SAPayNow orders should be logged by your group members on the order envelope and are rolled into the close out process. SupportOurGroups sales are treated separately and a commission is sent to your group in intervals (See last question below)

Q: If I can’t locate my Chairperson Portal login what should I do?

A: Simply send an email request to or click the forgot password button when logging into your ChairPerson Portal.

Q: How do I log into my Chairperson Portal?

A: There are two easy ways for you to log into your Chairperson portal.
1) Visit and click the green button to login. You should have received an email with your login credentials.
2) Visit your SupportOurGroups page and click the “Chairperson Login” button at the top of the page.

Q: What can be purchased through SupportOurGroups?

A: All 120 editions of our SaveAround Coupon books are available for sale on your page.

Q: How can my group members get credit for online SupportOurGroups orders?

A: At the top of your SupportOurGroups page is a button that says “Register As A Seller”. Have each of your group members click this button and fill out the form. Once the form has been filled out they will receive a unique link to share with their friends and family. Group leaders will be able to see which books were sold by which student for coupon books purchased through unique seller links.

Q: When does my group receive our SupportOurGroups commission?

A: SupportOurGroups commissions are paid at the end of each month by check for every $100 raised.

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